It has been three months since I decided to take Sixfeetfromtheedge.com to a new direction. Well, in fact it has been more than a half year already, but it has been three months since this all – finally – came together: a clear vision, multiple subjects, more textual content. To be honest: I was a bit done with only posting my outfits, even though I liked (and still like!) posting/shooting them, and looking at the statistics I know you guys like watching them too, it wasn’t me anymore. At least, not every day. I’m more than the sum of my urges (shopping, clothes, shoes..), and in 2016 I would like to take this approach even further.

Anyway, I was about time I changed my lay-out as well. Just to match it with the current state of mind I was in. An online space that reflects my personal style, my inner thoughts and my overal personality in fact. This is where the search began: who am I going to trust with this job? Since I’m by no means a web designer, who is going to understand the ideas I’ve got and who will be able to translate these thoughts into something visually attractive, something that works, something cohesive? I needed someone that could turn my visions into something physical. And in order to do so, I needed someone to be able to understand what I meant with ‘minimalistic-but-not-empty’. ‘Clean-but-not-hospital-like’. ‘No-fuss-but-with-personality’. ‘Scandi-with-a-touch-of-Amsterdam’. ‘Simple-but-certainly-not-boring’. I can go on like this for ages, but it all boiled down to this: I wanted it to be me. And I am all of the above. I found the answer in Sophia.

Sophia started her own online platform a few years ago. With Blog and the City Sophia gathers different bloggers from all over the world into one platform, but with one thing in common: a pretty minimalistic, no-nonsense style. Exactly what I like too (I’ve even been on of BATC’s guest bloggers last year). On Tao of Sophia she gives us a peak into her own personal style: she sees her blog as ‘an extension of her mind which basically consists of visual fashion and philosophical thought process’. We turned out to be the right match.

Sophia understood I was looking for: she understood how much I love a clean, simple, minimalistic approach, but at that same time I’d like to see myself as a playful minimalist. I love a slightly rock-inspired edge (#nevernotwearingmyskullring), a little something-something that gives that minimalistic feeling slightly more personality. All in all: Sophia understood. And worth mentioning: her rates were a lot lower than many other web designers I contacted.

So to all the people who sent me e-mails, PM’s and texts, here’s the answer: it was all Sophia. And I’m still super thankful. 

Interested? Visit Sophia’s portfolio , but don’t forget to check out her Instagram and Pinterest either. 


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