My week in pictures. I’m planning on doing this on a monthly basis, just because I think it’s a nice way to catch up on things that have happened in my life, and because I always like to have a little peek in other people lives. That’s probably why I love Instagram so much ;) Kicking off this first diary post of the year with pics that were take pretty recently. Lennart and I went o the island, it was super cold, but like always we enjoyed it to the fullest. We even experienced theĀ first little bit of snow of 2016, hurray! Also, got new shoes. And I’m in love.


As you can see, pretty cold, but pretty sunny. Spending time together is one of my favourite things to do during the weekend. Whether it’s something active – like working out or changing the entire living room because we feel like it – or something more relaxed – like walking around the island or city or bingewatching Netflix: as cheesy as it may sound: I’d rather do it all with this guy.


All bundled up in one of my favourite purchases of the year: a thick, wool, coat. I was wearing my longer length wool coat from Urban Outfitters for a few years and found an amazing replacement (I like this one even better) at COS. Of course. Also, I spend my days living work-train-sleep-repeat-life currently, and I’m very happy my Nike Metcons still keep up with me ;)


Hey, that’s me! In pink! Shocker, right? Even more shocking: I actually took it home with me and I love it. This super soft fine knit by COS literally works with everything in my wardrobe – perhaps because everything in there is black/grey – and it’s so comfortable.. Winner! Talking about winners.. I’m one of those people that keeps things in two’s or three’s when I’m super excited about it and I know I’ll be having a lot of wear out of the other versions as well. I already had the black Acne Jensen boots (btw, I’m selling them in a size 39! Turned out I had to go one size up, so now I’ve got them in 40 as well.. interested in the 39’s? Drop me an email: contact@sixfeetfromtheedge.com), but couldn’t stop myself from adding the camel suede and burgundy smooth leather versions as well. Great line-up, huh?


Yesterday I visited the collection presentation of Costes. Yet again, it turned out to be really nice. Very affordable, nice and clean cuts. Happy to see lots of grey layering and striped wide trousers will come our way.. and we had an extremely nice salad over there. What I was wearing? My new shoes, of course ;)


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