Wow, with the blink of an eye the weekend was over. Happens to me almost every weekend, but this time it almost felt unreal. Spent my entire weekend working on a project I can’t reveal much about, but it involved a lot of styling/shooting, so I can’t really complain. Also, we decided to change our interior a bit, move around the furniture (great thing to do at Sunday evening at 10pm..) and I’m planning on buying some small new things like pillows, etc.. Small changes to create a whole different look. Hope my better half agrees ;)

About outfit: all black on a grey day in Amsterdam. Since I’ll be working from the office the entire day I like to dress a bit comfortable (oh the horror when you have to sit with high waisted skirts or too tight jeans the entire day), and in that case I almost always opt for a comfy pair of jeans (plain black skinnies this time),an oversized knit and comfy & cool sneakers. You can call this my uniform. Hope you all have a nice start of the week, make it a good one!

Coat – COS / Knit – COS / Jeans – Asos Tall / Sneakers – Nike via Sooco / Bandana – Asos / Beanie – And Other Stories

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