Currently I’m back on the Pinterest track again (so find me there ;)). My boyfriend and I are trying to upgrade our house a little bit, and after moving around the furniture it looks like are living room is a lot bigger than we actually thought. Time to Pin the hell out of my evenings and get inspired by all other people’s home. It’s one of the things I like to do best while going for an evening run by the way: sneakily check other people’s homes, am I the only one doing this?

For now I’m pretty sure I’ll be on the hunt for a nice and fresh rug, new lamps, different side tables and I’m even thinking about adding some greens. I always considered plants as quite distracting, but not any more. I love how they go with neutral tones. A very warm welcome after a few years of only using black, white and grey in our interior. I’m pretty sure the boy will approve ;)

Src: Pinterest. All images are clickable to the right Pinterest page.

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