You know one thing I always try to do when buying new stuff? Whether it’s furniture, shoes or kitchen equipment (as if..): I always try to justify my purchases. Doesn’t always mean I always make the right choices, but at least I try to justify it. This winter I bought those boots that might not have been the best idea budget wise at that moment, but it was a perfect replacement for the basic black boots I’ve been wearing for years already. The ones that in the meantime had a cost per wear of maybe 10 cents and that were going to be replaced by a pair that will do the exact same. See? Purchase justified.

I tend to have another way of justifying my urge to keep on adding coats to my larger-than-ever collection. I just love coats. They spice up every look, even if they’re super boring (I prefer to call them ‘basic’). They keep you warm. Who doesn’t want to stay nice and warm? And besides that, in the Netherlands you need to wear your coat all the time (Rain. Wind. Snow. Cold. You get me.). Since I’d rather have options to go for, I keep on adding coats – especially long ones – to my wardrobe like my life depends on them (or wait..? ;)). But finding the perfect ankle length navy blue version – the type of navy that is almost black, but in fact is navy – turned out to be a pretty hard thing to do. I like my coats to be oversized – just like I like almost everything in life oversized – but when a coat is well structured around the shoulders, of course I want it to fit properly, I want it to be made out of a nice fabric (preferably at least 70% wool) and I want to to be at least a little bit affordable. I don’t mind spending a certain amount of money on something, but I can’t risk a heart attack and wearing a super-duper expensive coat during those raining days will certainly cause one. You might have guessed this: I found it. At OTTO. And I’m wearing it in this very post. What do you think?

Coat – B.C. Best Connections / Culottes – Costes / Shoes – Dr. Martens via Sarenza / Scarf – Acne / Socks – COS / Bag – Proenza Schouler


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