Waking up in Copenhagen. I could get used to that. I don’t mind the cold. I don’t mind the shorter days (it does get dark a bit earlier than in my hometown ;)). I even don’t mind the wind (and if you know me, you know how much I dislike wind in Amsterdam). Dressed in probably one of the comfiest outfits I own – a huuuge knitted sweater, slightly loose fitted jeans and flat boots – I feel like I can easily conquer it all.

Knit – HOPE / Jeans – H&M / Boots – Acne Studios / Beanie – H&M

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  1. Alybetty says:

    Knapperd! Staat je erg goed hoor en wat een heerlijke trui! xx

    1. Zo lekker warm! Dank je wel, memmie <3


  2. Amazing look – that nude-shade suits you perfect!
    x. Mirjam


    1. Good to hear! I tend to grab black/grey most of the times ;)


  3. Lekker comfi! Ik vind je sweater erg gaaf!

    1. Thanks, kan er in wonen ;)

  4. Ah, what is not to love when it comes to this look?! It’s perfectly casual and chic. Love it :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    1. Thanks, Daniella! I could literally wear it every day!


  5. Lijkt me een heerlijke trui voor in de winter. Kopenhagen is ook een van mijn favorites in Europa.

    1. Is het zeker! En what’s not to love about Cph? :)


  6. Love your knit and how you styled it with that denim shade! Great outfit as always!

    1. Thanks a lot! No black, such a rebel ;)


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