In this fourth article for the Happy Thoughts section I’m going to give you guys the occasional update of random things that make me happy. Because you know.. they’re happy thoughts for a reason. This can be anything, literally anything, from personal stuff to something that caught my eye on the news, to new collections or whatsoever. Moving on with the following:

1. I’m going to Copenhagen today!

Yes, that exclamation point was really necessary. I’m so so SO excited about going to one of my favourite cities ever! This time it’s going to be a mixture of work and play – my favourite combination anyway – because I’m going to attend a few shows for Fashion Week, schedule a few appointments and make sure I have enough time left to do what I like best when in Copenhagen (or in any city to be honest): walk around. Do some shopping. A bit of sight seeing. Discovering new coffee places.. I’m bringing Lennart with me, so that’s why I’m even more excited for this little get away Also, I’m thinking about doing a little guide of how I like to spend my days in Copenhagen afterwards, let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.


2. Nike released their all new Nike Flyknit Air Force 1’s. 

As a true Air Force lover, I was already super excited about the release of the Nike Flyknit Air Force 1‘s. But now I’m over the moon the the low version that’s going to be released tomorrow, on February 4th. Stay tuned for more info here.


3. I completed the challenge to work out every other day (which means at least 15 work-outs in January) and it feels so good.

After getting injured too many times, I decided to focus on another type of sports for a bit. I always enjoyed working out, but I felt I needed to start looking into something that didn’t cause me injuries all the time. I really enjoy going out for a run from time to time, but I’ve had many nasty injuries in my life (I tore my ankle ligaments numerous times and got multiple small bone fractures in my ankle/lower shins, for those who are interested), so time to switch things up a bit. But switching things up ‘a bit’ eventually turned out to be ‘a lot’. I started doing weight trainings with a trainer, because honestly, I’ve never really been a gym-type, so I didn’t even know how to use the machines, let alone how to keep my body while using them. I think it’s really important to start doing them properly (for two reasons: 1. if you’re doing it wrong, they might not even have the right effect, why bother doing it then? 2. lifting weights can be really damaging to you muscles if you don’t use the right techniques. Since I started doing this because I wanted to refrain from getting injured in the first place, asking a proper trainer seemed like the right thing to do.

Right when I started, I found out my dear friend Francien – GirlsLove2Run challenged her readers to work out at least 15 times this month. This perfectly matched with my idea to go work out every other day, so I decided to join her #JANUari challenge, just to keep being on the right track. And on the right track I stayed.. I did 15 weight trainings this month along with 13 cardio trainings (cycling for a hour, got to keep that heart racing, right? ;)). That’s 28 work-outs in total and even though I’ve been in a constant state of muscular pain the entire month, I really enjoyed it. I come to think that these weight trainings might be even more up my alley than I expected, so I feel like it’s safe to say I’m back on track. Of course I have many goals, and I feel like I’m a beginner in this world of fitness, but I’m determined to push through. Just because.. it feels so goood!

Tight – Nike Legendary Fabric Twist Veneer & Training shoes – Nike Metcon I’s via Sarenza


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