A little while ago I found this article on Faith is Torment about Diego Fazio. When I first looked at the images – assuming they were photographed by Diego – I was already intrigued. I loved how he managed to capture the water pooring down the face of the young woman. Is it his sister? Girlfriend? Mother? Someone else? Anyway, when I started looking into this artist, it turned out he wasn’t the photographer of these ‘pictures’, he actually drew them (!).

Hundreds of hours of work have gone into drawing these pencil works and the finished products are just amazing. Honestly, I was glad they added the last picture of him actually drawing the unfinished piece, otherwise I still would not have believed these were drawings. And the story goes on: Diego is completely autodidact, and only 23 years old by the time he created these pieces. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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