I’m a firm believer of a clean desk policy. I’m one of those people that cleans her desk before starting to work on it, and the things that are on my desk are either useful (e.g. notebooks, pens, etc), decorative in a clean, minimal way or at least structured. You can call me a neurotic – I fully admit being one – but even the things that are on my desk wile I’m working are neatly ordered. Clean desk, clean mind, lots of space left for creative input, ideas and thoughts. This applies for my office desk, but even more for my workspace at home. I love working from home – I think I’m even more productive when I working from home actually – but always keep the following in mind when it comes to my desk/workspace:

I want my workspace to be filled with daylight. I’m lucky to have a desk space next to the window in the current office I work (with a view on the canals of Amsterdam, humble brag) and my workspace at home is filled with white walls that look even whiter because of the large window that lets the sun come in perfectly.

No clutter.
Like I just said: all the clutter needs to go. Of course my house isn’t always super super tidy, but as soon as I’m going to sit down to get some work down – I hardly ever work from the couch or bed – I want the entire area to be reputable first.

Creating a cosy atmosphere can be done pretty easily by lighting a scented candle. I’m picky when it comes to scented candles, but recently found out that you don’t necessarily need to pick the super expensive ones to still have a nice smell in your home. The one in the picture is a sandal wood-ish one I found at de Home department of our Swedish retailer for only €7,95.

Homy feeling.
The whole point of having a work space at home, is giving it a feeling of actually being home, right? So as much as I love to play advocate of clean desks, I don’t want this space to be plain boring. That’s why I decorate it like I would decorate every other space: lots of white, slightly edgy details like skulls, cactuses and wired steel. I found this awesome rose gold lamp and white skull on OTTO and couldn’t be more excited about the way they immediately ‘fix’ my workspace. We used to have an extremely boring light hanging above this table and we were thinking about ways to make that white wall more interesting, so voilà.

So now I’m curious: what does your work space look like? And does that resemble your current workspace? What would you like to see differently? And not unimportant: how do you like mine? ;)

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