One of the main reasons I wanted to do this no-buy-month (which means: don’t buy anything I don’t need) is the fact that I wanted to figure out what kind of purchases I usually do are things I really need/like/want on one side and investing in pieces (or experiences!) I’m completely in love with on the other side. In other words: I wanted to research whether my purchases were mainly deliberate or impulsive buys.

I’ll go into more detail later on, after I finished this month, but I can already give you a tiny hint of the conclusion: I don’t think it’s hard to have a no-buy month at all. It probably has something to do with my current mind set (or the fact that I get stuff for collaborations as well, I’m not going to lie), but I really don’t care not being able to buy whatever I want, love to clean out my closet more and more (my friends who are wearing somewhat the same size are very happy with my current cleaning state as well ;)) and I even consider keeping this critical eye for the next month as well and only add things that are a great addition to my current wardrobe. Ah well.

One of the benefits of being super critical about your wardrobe is re-discovering items that have been there for ages. For instance, this outfit completely consists out of sale buys. Probably quite the impulsive sale buys back then, but certainly items I wanted to give another shot before tossing them. In the end, they did make the cut and I kept them all.

Coat – And Other Stories / Knit – H&M Trend / Flared jeans – Zara / Boots – Acne / Bag – A.P.C.  / Ring – Tom Wood


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