Sartorial stress is one of the signs a huge closet clean out needs to be done. As soon as the ‘I’ve-got-nothing-to-wear-days‘ are taking over from the days I just grab something out of the closet and I’m full satisfied, it’s about time for my yearly detox. I clean out my closet every now and then, but once a year I’m taking out everything that’s in my closet, throw it on a huge pil on my bed (and couch.. and dinner table..) and rethink everything I put back in there. I can be pretty thorough when it comes to cleaning in general, but cleaning out my wardrobe isn’t really one of my strongest assets. This may sound weird, but I don’t even buy that many items per year, but I’m one of those people who can’t let go of the memories attached to every piece of clothing, which makes it hard for me to throw out that dress I wore to grandad’s funeral or those shoes I spent that fantastic holiday on. Detoxing means making decisions, and decision making has never been easy to me (in making style related choices as well as work related choices: I just do them all).

So here’s the idea: I’m going to set a bunch of considerations for myself that I need to keep in mind throughout the entire process. Some of them are easy to stick to, others are going to be more challenging. I’m hoping to reach a more well considered wardrobe by the end of the month (I’m not saying I’m getting rid of everything, but a lot needs to go at least), but to also have some insight in what kind of things I might want to add, replace or ban from my newly organised closet. Also: no-buy March. I won’t allow myself to buy anything fashion-related (items I need to shoot for collabs don’t count, I still need to be able to do my job). So here we go, these are the things I keep in mind while sorting out my closet. Any tips? Feel free to add them:

Declutter, declutter, declutter.
That pair of jeans that’s amazing but turns out to be too big? That cute t-shirt that is a bit too short after washing? They. Need. To. Go. Period. That knit that has been worn to death, but now also looks like that? Bye! That wonderful jacket that has the tags still attached to it? Perhaps there’s a reason you haven’t felt like wearing it yet. Time to let it go. 

Happy feelings. 
Clothing/shoes/bags make me happy. Or should I say can make me happy? My ideal wardrobe is a wardrobe filled with items that I really, really love. That make me feel good abut myself. Give me confidence even. So why leave stuff in there that’s not making you feel on top of the world when wearing them? Right. Toss!

Less is more. 
I think I own more than 10 pair of black skinny jeans. Do I need all of them? Certainly not. The only ones I wear are my high waisted, plain black ones and a cropped Levi’s pair with a ripped knee. The rest is either too big, too small, too short, too whatever. At least not good enough, otherwise I would have worn them more often. Out!

Know your style.
I think it’s safe to say I got to know my own style pretty well. I know what I want, I also know what I don’t want, and can’t really be bothered by trends that are to loud/girly/whatever for me. Doesn’t mean I’m convulsively avoiding trends, but I’m certainly not following them for the sake of being ‘on trend‘. That also means I know pretty well what items could potentially make it to my favourites list or which one are probably never going to be worn. So I’ll continue asking myself: does this item accurately represent my style? Would I buy this item if I would find in while shopping right now? If the answers are yes, keep them. If not: toss!

Coat – B&C / Trousers – Costes / Shoes – Dr. Martens via Sarenza / Socks – COS / Bag – Proenza Schouler

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