Small purses are awesome. Not only do they force you to think about what you really need to bring (fun fact: I used to be a huge ratpacker. I always carried around stuff I never really needed: sunglasses ánd a scarf/beanie (‘what if..?’), multiple lip balms (1 probably would have gotten my through the day as well), nail polish, note books (while most of the times I ended up using my iPhone anyway), but also even a lighter (I don’t smoke, never done it either), pocket knife, sewing set, refreshing napkins, a book (..) you get the idea), but they also give every outfit an instant upgrade.

I like understated bags. That’s probably why I carry around the same black half moon bag almost all the time and even got it in another colour too. I’ve been on the hunt for a large everyday bag that is large enough to carry my 15” Mac Book in, but haven’t found the perfect one yet (suggestions are welcome). Until then, I keep adding cute small bags to the collection. I don’t have a húge bag collection, but I have to admit that slowly but certainly my super modest collection turned into something you might call a small bag family.

So let me welcome this new member to the family: that cute little (it’s probably the smallest bag I own), Furla bag, the Metropolis to be exact. In an attempt to add a dash of colour without letting that colour pop too much, navy is always a great solution. It’s still a modest colour, but it’s not as understated as black. I love the fact that the gold hardware isn’t too yellow-ish (that’s one of the things I can’t stand about most of the bags with gold hardware: it’s often too yellow, brrr!), and the chain strap adds a chic touch to the bag and therefore to your entire outfit basically. Expect to see this little fella in an outfit post soon.

Furla Metropolis bag – gifted by Duifhuizen tassen en koffers

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