I mentioned it before and you might have seen it on my Instagram and Facebook, but here’s your last chance to design an awesome pair of Air Max 95’s for you and me. Here’s the deal: I teamed up with Nike to give you the chance to design a pair of sneakers for me. I’m going to announce the winner on March 26th (but I’ll pick them right after the weekend, so hurry! ;)), Air Max Day, and the winning pair will actually be produced two times: 1 pair for me and one pair for you. How awesome is that? All you need to do is to design an awesome pair of Air Max 95’s, on, post your design on Instagram, tag @SFFTE in the post and use #airmax. That’s it!

As you can see, a couple of super limited colours have been added to the NIKEiD builder, so this is an awesome opportunity to create the most exclusive pair for you a me. I can give you a small hint: that obsidian blue colour is just to die for.. Good luck designing, and I’n looking forward to seeing your designs coming in.

Ph. by Niksonefocus

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  1. Wow awesome! xxxx

  2. Robin says:

    Air max zijn to die for!!!

    Kan je geloven dat ik er geen één heb?
    Air Force 1’s all the way.. tot nu toe dan ;)


    1. Nou, maar die blijven zeker wel onder mijn favorieten hoor! LOOOVE Air Force’s! :)


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