A little while ago I was asked to shoot a couple of looks with C&A. Theme: denim. As a true denim lover this was a task true to my heart but I have to admit that usually visiting C&A isn’t part of my shopping routine (as if I even have one). Not sure why, because one of my favourite cashmere sweaters (I got it in three different neutrals: black, grey and camel, not kidding) is from C&A and I promised myself to think outside of the box a bit more often when it comes to shopping. This could be about shapes or materials, but also about places to go shopping. I’m very loyal when it comes to picking brands and shops, but this seemed a great opportunity to explore what this Dutch fashion concern has to offer.

And I was pleasantly surprised: the fit of the jeans was great (I did go one size up in most of their jeans by the way, because I liked the fit better then). Their stretchy-but-not-too-stretchy denims turned out to be super comfortable and are available in different lenghts (I took the tallest ones). Also, you’ve seen me wearing that wonderful grey coat here and here already. Like I just said, I love the softness of their 100% cashmere knits (where can you get a real cashmere sweater for 80 euros nowadays? Right..) and the fact that they have everything to finish off your look under one roof. You can find the looks I created with the items down below, but you can check out the article on the C&A blog here.

6 thoughts on “MY DENIM PICKS”

  1. Ik kwam voorheen totaal niet bij C&A (ouderwets, suf, meh) maar tegenwoordig wip ik er vaak even binnen, vooral voor de basics (fijne truien en jeans), en wat combineer jij het toch weer leuk Debbie!
    Het bruine shirt die je op de foto’s aan hebt, is deze ook van C&A?

    1. Superleuk om te horen, Sandra! :)

      En alles wat ik op de foto’s draag is van C&A! Dat bruine ding is de cashmere sweater waar ik het over heb, die ik dus in het grijs aan het op de andere foto’s en ook nog in het zwart heb, haha. Echt een top ding!


      1. Oh echt haha hij ziet er zo duur uit vandaar dat ik twijfelde dat wordt een ritje richting C&A binnenkort, thanks!

  2. I love all of these looks that you’ve styled so perfectly Deb! I love a good cashmere knit and especially when it’s at a good price :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

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