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March might be a no-buy month for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t provide you with some shopping inspiration along the way, right? ;) And also, since I’m using this entire month to clean out my closet properly (not just a quick clean out, I’m trying to be critical about every single item that’s in my closet. Does it make me happy? Will I wear it a lot? Is this item a great addition to my wardrobe? Inspired by the 5 Piece French Wardrobe principle after my no buy month I’m going to check if there are basics in my wardrobe that need to be replaced or added.

Shopping for basics can be more difficult than one might think. At least, if you’re as picky as I am. I’m one of those people that keeps wearing her basics over and over again – I just don’t get bored of a good basic very quickly – which means the quality has to be great. I’ll write an article about my favourite basics later on. I’m willing to spend a bit more on great basics if that means they will ast longer, so when hunting for basics I usually end up buying at Shopbop. A few times a year Shophop has their big stackable sale – outside of the usual sale season – that allows you to shop more for less. Sounds good right? This year’s Tiered Sale on Shopbop has kicked in yesterday, which means stacking sale (the more you spend, the higher the discount, find the conditions here), I’ve laid my eyes on that nude 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix bag, it’s gorgeous. But hey, no shopping for me. I’ll manage ;) All you need to do to get the discount it to add discount code BIGEVENT16 at check out. Offer ends on March 5th, 12pm PT:

– You get a 15% off when you spend over $250
– 20% off when you spend over $500
– and even 25% off when you spend more than ¢1.000

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