Honestly, when I started this no-shopping-month experiment a little while ago I expected it to be 1. much harder and 2. something that would bring me in a state of sartorial stress to the max. Both couldn’t be less true. In fact, it has been almost two months now and I’m almost starting to take pride in the fact that I can’t really be bothered by buying new things like I did before (also, my bestie will come over to Amsterdam this weekend, and we’re planning on doing some shopping then). Which makes me think of that time – years ago – I was very much into the 5 Piece French Wardrobe principle. I assume you’re all somehow familiar with this method, but in short: the 5 Piece French Wardrobe principle is based on guidelines that state that you should first create the perfect basic wardrobe – which can be different for everyone: what I consider the ultimate staple piece, might not be your ultimate basic – and besides that perfect wardrobe buy a maximum of 5 pieces per season (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer, so 10 pieces per year). I never really followed the principle too strictly, but it somehow gave me a lot of guidance on how to shop, streamline and build the perfect wardrobe. I mean, look at the effortless styles Emmanuelle Alt, Carine Roitfeld and Geraldine Saglio are rocking!). So what does that perfect wardrobe contain exactly? For me it has to include at least the following:

Well, that’s quite a list, right? I’m not planning on following the 5 Piece French Wardrobe guidelines exactly, but I do love the idea of building the ultimate basic wardrobe and add a few items to that that are slightly more time-phased, or on trend, as you wish. So don’t you ever get bored by not being able to shop super trendy items? Well, I know for a fact that being ‘on trend’ isn’t on my priority list anyway, so I also know I will never get bored of wearing basics. Classics are classics for a reason, non? If all else fails, do as the French do ;)

So looking at the list above, I can easily find what my wardrobe ‘needs’ in order to become that perfect wardrobe, basics-wise. I already own multiple awesome black leather jackets, am more than satisfied when it comes to white sneakers (for now.. I somehow always find a reason to another pair of white kicks.. #fail) and can’t get enough of my perfect leather mid-sized A.P.C. bag. So what should I add? For now I’m on the hunt for a cool denim jacket, a bunch of loose fitted tees (I’m desperately looking for the perfect basic tee, as soon as I’ll find it, I’ll definitely buy it in three different colours) and I received a pair of Clarks Desert boots from Omoda today. I’ve been in love with the black ones for a while now, but when I found the patent ones on #kledingnllovesparis (gotta love a good website that gathers all the shops and brands you’re looking for) – they reminded me of old gentleman’s shoes a little bit –I knew these were the ones I wanted. Oh the joy of receiving new shoes, especially when they’re as comfortable as these are, I almost forgot why I loved not-shopping so much ;)

Blazer – Monki / Jeans – Asos Tall / Boots – Clarks via Omoda / Bag – A.P.C. / Cap – H&M / Watch – GC Watches / Ring – Susanne Friis Bjorne


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