It has been a while since I did my latest Happy Thought article. In this fifth article for the Happy Thoughts section I’m going to give you guys the occasional update of random things that make me happy. Because you know.. they’re happy thoughts for a reason. This can be anything, literally anything, from personal stuff to something that caught my eye on the news, to new collections or whatsoever. Like the awesome Air Max 90’s above I got at Sarenza. Moving on with the following: 

We went to Berlin! I’ve been to this city a few times already, but I think Berlin is one of those cities you can visit every once in a while and still don’t get bored of it. I love the fact that this city literally has two completely different sides and therefor feels like doing two city trips at once. And because city trips – or being able to travel a little in general – makes me the happiest girl alive, these shots definitely belonged in this Happy Thoughts article.

Do shoes make me happier? Close call.. No, I’m kidding. I’d rather travel a lot, but would love to do that on a proper pair of Nikies. Found this pair on Zalando, who interviewed me about my love for Nike Air Max (find the whole article here).

Pretty, pretty Amsterdam. Traveling makes me happy, but coming home to this wonderful city still feels pretty amazing too. Can you blame me? Took this picture after work – I love to walk around the city during my lunch breaks or right after closing up – and still feel pretty blessed to be working in an office on the pretty canals of Amsterdam.

Shopbop is having their Friends & Family BIG SALE again! Yay! So head over to this page, shop your ass of, enter INTHEFAM at check-out and get a 25% discount on selected brands. It’ll be worht it, I assure you ;).

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