A little while ago we visited Berlin for a short and sweet city trip. even though I’ve been to Berlin a couple of times already, I always enjoy the versatility of this city. Very fascinating to experience how divided Berlin has been (and somehow still is). One of the main symbols – besides the Wall of course – is the Oberbaumbrücke: the bridge that links Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, two former boroughs that used to be divided by the Wall, and has now become a symbol of the city’s unity.

Besides its story, I was particularly intrigued by the way it lets through light and turned out to be the perfect spot for a quick outfit shoot. I wasn’t wearing something too fancy, because when walking around a city for hours and hours to me requires nothing more that just my trusty old pair of jeans, flat boots, and flowy shirt and an oversized leather jacket. What do you tend to wear on a city trip? Have you ever been to Berlin? Just curious :)

Jacket – / Jeans – Levi’s / Boots – Acne Studios / Bag – A.P.C. / Hat – Monki

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