Normcore to me is as dead as Jon Snow. To be honest, with the whole closet cleaning things I’ve been doing for the past few weeks (no, I’m not cleaning all the time, I want to turn thinking about what I add/throw a out to become a habit, and developing habits – as you might know – take time ;)), one of the things I wanted to achieve is to find a way to rethink my entire wardrobe and only leave pieces in there that I absolutely adore. I wanted to create the perfect – at least to me – wardrobe, so getting dressed in the morning is super easy (to be honest, on work days, I’m done in a minute, but still). Also, I wanted to explore the magical world of dressing with more than just my black/grey/white basics and tried to find ways to add some ‘mmmphff’ to my current wardrobe. An little extra. Something along the lines of a bold statement piece. Could be a jacket, could be a bag.

But here’s the thing. I just like basics! I can’t get enough of them and could easily wear those so-called normcore outfits for the rest of my life. I kid you not. Exciting? Not really. Innovative? Certainly not. Interesting? Definitely, yes! So for those who watched Game of Thrones yesterday: to me, normcore is – despite what other might say – as dead as Jon Snow. What do you think?

Src: Death by Elocution, Into-IT Magazine, Mija


  1. Great writing!! I TOTALLY have it with you – my wardrobe is built out of more or less “essentials” and basics (like the others call them) – and only in neutral shades. Not too much pieces but I adore all of them (thanks Marie Kondo ;)). And I can’t agree more with you that it is so easy to get dressed in the morning – and is not boring at all!

    x. Mirjam

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