Fitness for me has never really been about getting rock hard abs or toned legs. I’ve always been super active and can’t remember not practicing any kind of sports since I was four years old. I loved the team aspect of playing ‘korfball’ (let’s call it the Dutch equivalent of basketball), so that’s why I played it for about 20 years of my life. I also tried mix martial arts, kickboxing, rugby, running, snowboarding, and many other types of sports. I. Just. Love. Sports.

So here’s the deal: I only recently started doing weight training and I dare to say that I’m getting slightly addicted to the feeling this gives me. The feeling that this body is able to do so much more than I ever expected is so rewarding, I’ve been looking for ways to expand my knowledge (because: rookie!) and training schedule (because: rookie!) for a while now.

And then it happened: I got in touch with Personal Body Plan. In short, PBP claims to be your personal trainer/food and lifestyle coach in one. With a large group of coaches they’re helping you to become the best version of your self by guiding you through the process of behavioral change. I’m not going to lie: I’ve read a lot about PBP already and this was not because I was interested in following this program. Admittedly, I can even be a bit stubborn when it comes to eating/training. Or let me put that differently: I just don’t like people telling me what I should or should not eat (and I’m completely lost in the kitchen, thank God for having a foodie as a boyfriend). So overall, I’ve always been a bit hesitant about PBP and didn’t expect much of their program. Or at least, I didn’t expect it to be any different from what we’ve seen before. Of course, I saw great progress pics on their Instagram, but I’m fully aware of the fact that pictures of clients that failed to make progress usually are not being posted on any social channel, and the sight of all the bulky, super muscly dudes and chicks aren’t encouraging for me. Even worse: they scare me away. Not because I don’t like the sight of them, but I truly believe everyone should know for themselves what they want to look like. Do you want to train your ass off and have visible abs, please do so. But if that’s not even on your list of priorities: then for the love of God please don’t.

I assume I’m not the only one who doesn’t necessarily feels encouraged by the sight of all these super ripped people taking selfies during their work-out. I, for instance, am one of those people that plugs in her head phones at the gym, likes to do her WOD (while listening to what’s considered ‘bad music’, like Linking Park, Limp Bizkit or System of a Down) and leaves covered in sweat. Completely not aware of what all the other were doing. Completely in my own zone.

So where the f*** is this story going to? Well, last month I got the chance to experience the Changing Life Hub – PBP’s very own gym in Amsterdam – with a friend that already joined the PBP band wagon and which happens to be located in my neighborhood (Amsterdam North, hollaaa ;)). Sceptical as I always am, but curious at the same time, I decided to put it to the test and to no longer let my opinion about this whole new and unknown world be coloured by the opinions of others, because you know.. usually I never confuse truth with the opinion of the masses. And now that I got the chance to have a peek into the lion’s den I was going to grab that one, for sure.

And then it got to me. The gym was absolutely amazing. Ah-ma-zing. It’s big (huge!), it offers places to relax, do some work (it’s even being encouraged to bring your laptop), and above all: they have state of the art equipment. There’s nothing wrong with the pretty generic gym I’ve been going to for while, but this was just next level. What surprised me even more was the way I was being treated by the trainers over there: they turned out to be super friendly, super not-focused on the fact that I’m pretty new at this, and best of all: they knew what they were doing. In three lessons (I went to the gym three times that week because that’s what I usually do) they taught me so much about the exercises I was doing, taught me so many new things already and showed me how to do them properly.. I got hooked. Suddenly everything about my ‘old’ gym didn’t feel right anymore, all I wanted to do was to be part of this.

And guess what? That’s exactly what I did. I’ll be starting my own PBP journey at the beginning of June. The 6th to be precise. And I can’t wait. Good thing is: you can still join me, and start your own PBP if you register before June 1st here.

I’ll give you a monthly update of what I think of this program, what my experiences are, my progress.. perhaps even recipes (please bare with me, I’m really a culinary barbarian, but I’m expecting to learn a thing or two about healthy food and would love to share this with you guys. So if there’s anything you’d like to see included, feel free to let me know!

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6 thoughts on “MY PERSONAL BODY PLAN”

  • Wat leuk! Ben heel benieuwd hoe het je gaat bevallen. Ik volg PBP al erg lang, maar heb elke keer zoiets: ‘Ik kan het zelf wel.’

    Trouwens er staat ‘January’, moet dat niet Juni zijn :)?

    Heeeel veel succes! Benieuwd naar de update.

    • Haha wat suf van me! Bedankt voor je oplettendheid ;) Ik heb het aangepast!

      Ik dacht het ook altijd wel zelf te kunnen, maar ben heel benieuwd wat ik nog allemaam van ze kan leren en wat dat dan precies voor me doet. Ik heb altijd veel duursporten gedaan en ben heel benieuwd naar de wondere wereld van de krachttraining ;)

      Ik ga updates geven op mijn blog en Instagram, mocht je nieuwsgierig zijn :)


  • Ik twijfel ook en nu de 6 juni steeds dichterbij komt, voel ik me een beetje zenuwachtig.

    Ik vraag mij ook af hoe je pbp kan doen in de zomervakantie, waarbij ik verweg ben van enige sportschool of what so ever.

    Oh ja, 6 juni betekend ook gelijk een sportschool in de buurt kiezen en ook maandelijks kosten erbij. :(

    Ik wacht ff tot na de zomer of start ook op de 6e

    • Oehh wat leuk! Dan kunnen we elkaar op de hoogte houden :) Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe het je bevalt! Ik denk dat het in de zomervakantie ook goed te doen is hoor. Er zijn zoveel manieren om aan je exercise te komen. Vraag ze er desnoods naar, ze hebben vast goeie tips :)


  • Oh god ik moet ook weer beginnen *insert cry emoji*. Ik hou van sporten, maar hou er ook niet van, dus ik doe óf heel veel (en vind het fantastisch) óf doe niks (en vind dat dan ook fantastisch). Heel irritant eigenlijk, want daardoor wordt het nooit onderdeel van een ‘lifestyle’ en heb ik het gevoel dat ik er nooit tijd voor heb (wat onzin is natuurlijk). Ik ben benieuwd naar je updates over dit programma, die gym klinkt in ieder geval geweldig! Je laptop meenemen? Hoera!

    • Haha ik denk dat heel veel mensen zich daar wel in herkennen hoor! Ik ben toevallig altijd een fanatieke sporter geweest, maar dit is wel echt nieuw voor me. Spannend!

      Goed om te horen dat je het in ieder geval interessant vindt, blijft het voor mij leuker om er over te schrijven :)

      Stay tuned! ;)


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