A little while ago I discussed the 5 Piece French Wardrobe principle in this article after cleaning out my closet (I’m still in the process btw.. I’m certain I can take out much more!). I mentioned the items that I consider true essentials in my wardrobe. Some of them might need a replacement (I lost some weight, so my perfect black skinny jeans, don’t look so perfect on me anymore.. also: black/grey/white t-shirts are true essentials for my Summer wardrobe, but the ones in my closet are not in great condition any longer), and there’s a few things I might want to add (still on the hun for a ‘work- bag’, a large bag that fits my Macbook + gym stuff, but doesn’t look like the backpack I’m carrying around now. Also: plain but perfect sandals.). Overall, I’m doing pretty well in the basics section.

Something I’m not very good at: shopping for not-so-basic items. I’ve been on the hunt for a statement jacket for such a long time now. And that’s where Scotch & Soda – or their women’s department: Maison Scotch – came in quite handy. When they reached out and asked me to discover their special shopping experience, of course I was super excited to check out their flagship store on the Heiligeweg in Amsterdam. Each Scotch & Soda store has a bespoke feeling; garments are artfully displayed, accessories carefully selected and curated into inspiring installations. It became pretty obvious to me: this is the right place for me to add some items to my wardrobe that are more notable, more outstanding, than my usual attire. Just what my wardrobe needed.

To be honest, I did some preliminary investigation on the website, because when shopping I can get slightly overwhelmed by all the choices, so I just wanted to be prepared. Not that I needed it, because the salesgirls at the store were super helpful and gave me lots of options to play around with. I tried print on print, I tried colours and I tried skirts and dresses I wouldn’t have picked normally. Not because I don’t like them – on the contrary! – I just tend to pick the cleaner items. But this store made me want to try everything out there, so that’s just what I did: I explored. I experienced. And of course: I went home with quite some amazing pieces. The master piece? That awesome leather jacket: finally I found my statement piece. It’s leather, it fits perfectly, and it’s not black. Oh, and certainly not basic. What I absolutely adore about this jacket – but also about all the other Scotch & Soda items: they have these cute little hidden details: look at that cute little LOVE patch underneath the epaulette, or that tiny eye peaking out on the laple.

The rest of my purchases will be shown in seperate outfit posts or on my Instagram of course :)

This post was written in collaboration with Scotch & Soda, but of course all opinions were my own. 


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