So here’s the deal: I’ve been cleaning out my closet like my life depended on it (read all about it here), I kid you not. But then my life happened, lots of cool collabs happened and with the blink of an eye my carefully sorted wardrobe was filled with a whole bunch of great – but quite unnecessary – items. Not really a problem, I fully admit that I really enjoy this huge perk of being a blogger, but it doesn’t really do much for your tidy plans.

So now what? What I did learn from this experience is that I’m much better at Winter clothes than I am at Summer clothes. My leathers, heavy knits and chunky sweaters are sorted (for the next 10 years, that is), but I’m totally lacking on Summer clothes. To be honest, I look quite the same every single year as soon as the temperatures are going up: ripped, baggy, denim shorts, a loose tee or cotton/linen shirt and either sneakers, ankle boots or sandals. Easy-peasy. But last year I somehow got more and more into dresses and I have to admit that I’m gravitating towards dresses in stores even stronger this year (shocker!). So I made up my mind about what I like – and allow myself to – add to the wardrobe this summer, which is:

  • A white Summer dress, one of those items that I think looks totally amazing on everyone, but I don’t own.
  • Sandals. I’ve been on the hunt for nice, slightly chunky, but not too bulky, sandals for years, but I never seem to find the right pair. I’ve been spending quite some Summers on my Birks now, totally fine, but I want something slightly more stylish.
  • A bikini. Ugh.
  • A lower pair of block heels.
  • Denim shorts, last year’s faves have gotten too big, time for a replacement.
  • Tops. I need tops that can worn during summer: like camisoles, (printed?) blouses, flowy shirt..

Besides that there’s some items I think my wardrobe ‘needs’, like a replacement for my black skinnies, black/grey/white tees, the perfect striped top, classic pumps and a black structured blazer. Looks like I’ll always be on the hunt for the perfect basics, so I don’t necessarily need them now, I’ll focus on some pieces that will be a great addition to what I already have, which makes it easier for me to though out the things that I won’t be wearing that much anymore.¬†Ah and those kicks? Also new. But plain, classic, Nike Cortez sneakers are always a good idea.. Full look will follow soon.

Sneakers – Nike Cortez via Sarenza



    • Haha same for the Netherlands! I never want to spend too much on Summer clothes, because I can hardly ever wear them, but on the other hand.. I’m willing to spend something as loon as it lasts a few Summers. Ah well.. ;)


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