It has been a while since I did my last diary post and because it’s one of the things I really like to read on other blogs, I decided to do another one. Just because Instagram shows a little sneak peek into my life, but never really shows what my thoughts were behind taking the pics. So here we go:

1. Even though it’s been a few months already, I’m still in the process of downsizing my wardrobe. These boots definitely aren’t going any where, can you blame me? Got them at Sarenza last year. 2. Chilling on the couch. I’m not really a couch patato, but after a long work day of a satisfying day during the weekend there’s nothing more relaxed than crashing on the couch. With my love. And the latest episode of Game of Thrones. 3. Rediscovered this old ensemble and I’m so happy we are able to wear Summer clothes again. 4. Paid a visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Playing tourist in our own city is something my love and I really like to do during the weekends. Isn’t this library amazing? 5. Wrote an article about my happy place and how having happy feelings can make me insecure. Read it here, if you haven’t read it yet. 6. Haven’t had a single regret about getting these slip ons (twice..) last season.

1. Lunch break shopping! One of the things I like to do best during my lunch break: stroll around the city for a bit. Sometimes I just walk for an hour, sometimes I like to do a little bit of shopping.. found this navy number at COS and fell in love. 2.  Old but super comfy boots. 3. Can’t wait to wear this white love a bit more often. It’s pretty thick, so I might have to wait until after Summer.. 4.  Love this combo. Never expected to wear this cute little Furla bag as much as I do, but I love how it works with slightly less ‘chiq’ items like the ripped, baggy jeans I’m wearing in that particular outfit. 5. Clarks did a great job with these shoes from their Trigenic collection (available at Sarenza), so comfy! 6. Dark blue denim is my new fave. Can’t believe how many possibilities this jacket has. Found it here, but I’ve been thinking about getting this embroidered one too..

1. After 5 or 6 six years, I’m still madly in love with these Isabel Marant Dicker boots. Such fail-safe classics! 2. One of the looks I was wearing in Bruges, where I spent a great weekend with my lovely mom. 3. New sunnies. I’m a sucker for classic Ray Bans (I think I’ve got almost all shapes and colours, I should start me own little store ;)) but love this tortoise pair I found on sale. 4. The Nike Metcon‘s. Best training shoes I ever had. I might have something to do with the fact that I work in a sports business, but it surprises me every time again that so many people in the gym are wearing the wrong shoes! I see Nike Roshes and Huaraches around me all the time.. please guys, these are your post work-out shoes ;) 5. Cute little tee I for a couple of euros at H&M. Love it to bits. 6. Bruges. Reminds me of two things.. First: I want to spend more time with my parents. And second: I want to travel more.

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