‘How do you stay motivated?’. A frequently asked question and to be honest, to me the answer is quite simple: I just do. Even though I truly believe that true motivation is stored deep inside each and every one of us, waiting for it to be ignited, the only one who can actually fire up that pilot flame in you is no one else but you.

We can retweet, repin and regram as many inspirational quotes with a ‘don’t be too hard on yourself’ as we want, but – even though I partially agree with that – I also believe that we have to kick ourselves in the butt even so often. ‘I don’t have time to work-out that often’ – yes you do. Go before work, go after work, squeeze in a work-out during lunch breaks. I you really want to, you can. ‘But I’ve got a fulltime job’ sorry, not sorry, but that excuse doesn’t count. I’ve been juggling a fulltime job, my own business, a social life ánd this work-out schedule too and since I’m not superwoman, I’m pretty sure you if I can do it, you can do it too. ‘I’ve got gym-anxiety, I feel overwhelmed by all these sporty types’ – I get that, but keep in mind that most people at the gym are there for the same reason: to accomplish their goals. They couldn’t care less about your love handles, your outfit or that fact that you even exist. And even if they do, they’d probably applaud you for being there. They all started somewhere.

At this moment I work out every single day. That means at least 4 times per week in the gym, and all kinds of exercise next to that (this can either be a one hour bike ride, running, walking, NTC-classes, you name it), and I love it. I love the feeling it gives me, I love being able to lift a little bit more every training, I love being able to do an extra rep and I love the physical progress I’ve been making so far. But you know what I love the most? The fact that I’ve been capable of making this mental U-turn. Ok, I’ve always been the sporty type, but over the past few years I didn’t really know what I was doing work-out wise. I worked out without a purpose. Personal Body Plan helped me, or at least gave me the tools and insights to work with, but I’m proud to be able to say I’ve been doing this by myself (ok, with a tiny bit of help from my cool coach Claudio ;)). Because I wanted it to. Because it makes me feel good. And because I know I can accomplish even more.

Join me on this journey and certainly don’t hesitate to sign up for Personal Body Plan as well. Get 15 euros discount on your plan if you sign up through this link. This month’s registration period closes at the 29th of July.


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