First of all, I want to tell you that PBP didn’t bring me anything. A lot of people asked me whether I thought the PBP program would work for them too. The answer is quite unilateral: no. There’s no quick fix, no instant solution, and certainly no program that can do this for you. I did all of it myself. It was me who grabbed my bike at 7am and went to the gym multiple times a week. It was me who decided to no longer settle for less and it was me who took control of her own body (and mind! Not to forget). And I’m not going to lie: I’m pretty fucking proud I did.

So what did it do for me? Well, here you go: I’ve always been the sporty type. That girl that always got picked first in gym class. That chick that always wanted to go the extra mile. The one that gets excited by the thought of having another training later that day. I played korfball (Google that ;)) for more than twenty years. I did this with all the passion I had and worked my way up to the point where we were competing on a national level. Our team was pretty freaking good and I loved being part of that. I loved the fact that every day after school and had to go to trainings either indoor or outdoor, I loved the matches we played on both Saturdays and Sundays and couldn’t care less about ‘missing’ out on things like partying till late hours, heavy drinking and school proms (yes, I missed out on my prom because I had something important to do: my team and I had an important match to play and I wouldn’t want to miss out on a single one of them).

Where is this story going?
Well, it’s about the drive, the passion, to do something you really like. Long story short is that I quit playing korfball and left the team after being injured a lot. I tore my ankle ligaments more often than I can count and moved to the other side of the country. I even travelled up and down multiple times a week to make it work, but my other life was catching up and I decided that I wanted to give my 100% best and be there all the time, or to don’t do it at all. I chose the latter.

In the years that passed, I tried many other kinds of sports. I played rugby, enjoyed a few years of kickboxing and tried swimming. Rowing passed, running turned out to be a nice change and ultimately I ended up in a random gym, doing whatever I thought worked. Just like the rest did, apparently. But as you might know by now, I’m not one to do things half-ass. I do them with passion, or I don’t do them at all. And that’s where Personal Body Plan came in.

My PBP journey has not been about achieving what lots of other girls around me seem to achieve: a skinny body. Nothing wrong with having that as a goal, but it wasn’t mine from the beginning. Yes, I wanted to lose weight and tone up, because I was no longer happy with the way I felt about my physical appearance, but what I was really looking for was freedom. Freedom to do the things I never thought I was capable of doing. The freedom to become the healthiest and most active version of myself. The strongest version above all, because I’ve come to realise that the best version I can be is a strong one. Not a hungry one. And no, I’m not afraid of becoming too muscular, and I’m not afraid my shoulders will become bigger than they already are. Both are the result of hard work. Dedication. Passion. This journey has been about regaining my confidence, but also about embracing both my strengths ánd my weaknesses. And that’s what the past few months have been all about for me. About finding that inner pilot flame and turn it in to a jet flame. And that, I’m very thankful for. On to the next three months of PBP.

Join me on this journey and certainly don’t hesitate to sign up for Personal Body Plan as well. Get 15 euros discount on your PBP plan if you sign up through this link. This month’s registration period closes at the 31st of August at 11.59pm. 


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