There’s something about empty, abandoned houses. To me they stand for change. They always give me this slightly eerie feeling, while on the other hand I love to see traces of people who lived their lives in their homes but now moved on to something new. Maybe bigger? Maybe cheaper? Maybe closer to their families? I blame it on my curious and imaginative nature, but these are the type of things I always wonder when looking at an empty space. Will it adapt to change, will it stand the test of time? Will it be loved? Or just demolished and replaced by a new building? What has it been used for and what will its new purpose be?

Talking about purpose: I’ve got a new job and I’m utterly excited about it. But slightly nervous as well. Not in a bad way, but change is something I always aim for, but on the other hand fear sometimes as well. I know I won’t be able to stop it from coming, so all I can do is either adapt to it or get left behind. And there’s something I dread even more than change and that is the feeling of being left behind. To no longer make any progress. So I came to realise that the more things change, the more they stay the same as well, because they all boil down to that one same question: do we fall back on what we know or do we step forward to something new? I always choose the latter. Change is good. To me, change is everything.

Tee – Asos / Leather trousers – Costes (from their new Premium Collection, it’s absolutely gorgeous and so are these trousers!) / Loafers – And Other Stories / Bag – A.P.C. via Shopbop

^ Not sure why the sizes of my images are a bit off on desktop. Will fix it asap!

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  1. This is just too good. Love the atmosphere captured in these pics. And congrats on the new job!

  2. Wat een prachtige outfit! En heel veel succes & plezier bij je nieuwe job :)

  3. Prachtige foto’s Debbie. Verandering is lastig, maar toch goed, ik merk dat ik hou van verandering, maar toch graag in een ritme val. Veel succes bij de nieuwe job! :)

  4. Gefeliciteerd en succes met je nieuwe job! de outfit is heel mooi en de schoenen in speciaal

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