Do you remember you first teenage crush? I think it’s been 14 years that I bought my first ‘Balenciaga’ Le Dix Motorcycle bag. No, I wasn’t a wealthy 14-year-old, I bought a faux leather dupe without knowing I bought a knock-off and to be honest: I never even heard of the label Balenciaga, nor did I know anything about the status of this bag until Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen started showing up with it, lol. Long story short: after I found out the bag was, in fact, a fake I donated it to a friend. Little disclaimer: I didn’t feel too snob-ish to wear non-designer pieces, obviously, but I didn’t really want to possess fake designer pieces either, despite my young age. I kept on dreaming about that bag that would probably never be mine.

Years have passed and I always contemplated getting the real deal. I’ve always had this thing for shoes and bags and if I do splurge on something, these are the items I usually opt for first and shop my clothing at highstreet or high-end highstreet stores. Anyway, I don’t really know why I never took the plunge. Of course, it might have had something to do with the price of the bag obviously, but as a working adult I’ve had the chance to get this beautiful leather friend countless times probably, but never went for it. Until last week, when I bumped into this pre-loved Balenciaga Work bag. Love at 31976th sight? Definitely yes. So I guess I’m now one of those fairy tale characters that has been dreaming about her teenage crush half of her life (literally!) and now ends up living with him (ok, it..) happily ever after. The end.

Bag – Balenciaga Work


  • Hi Debbie, ik zag je bericht op insta over je nieuwe tas. Prachtig! Een tijd geleden heb ik een vergelijkbare gekocht op mp, deze bleek nep te zijn en nauwelijks van echt te onderscheiden. De verkoopster had ook nog een aankoop bon van een groot buitenlands warenhuis die bijna echt leek. De tas die ik had gekocht was van iemand uit Den Haag. Mocht je overeenkomsten hebben, dan even goed checken . Groetjes, Carol

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