Trends. I’ver never really know what to do with them. Even though I definitely don’t consider myself an authority when it comes to having the most unique personal style, I’ve never been one to follow all trends either. On the contrary, for most of my life I’ver been avoiding them to the point of wearing nothing boys’ clothes and a so-called ‘alternative’ look for most of my teenage years. I dare to say at this moment I’m somewhere in between when it comes to following trends: I certainly don’t jump on every trendy bandwagon that is passing (because that is what they do most of the times: they pass!), but stopped meticulously shying away from them as well. I mean: when I like something – whether it’s a trend item or not – not-getting it because it’s on trend might be even more sad than just trusting your gut feeling and go for what you like. What I always so try to ask myself is: does this actually suit my style and how I’m trying to present myself or do I just like this because it looks so freaking good and these other 20 girls I saw?

Most of the times I end up not getting the way too trendy item and fall back to classics instead of temporary satisfaction, but this winter I’m totally feeling some of the trends: wide legged trousers (says the girl who’s also definitely not over her skinny jeans!), chunky knits and more bombastic fabrics like velvet and teddy. This look shows how I add a bit of a trendy item to a rather basic outfit: that velvet top is too good to be true and works with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. It’s so awesome, I made the dress version mine too.

Talking about shopping, did you see that Shopbop’s BIG SALE has started again? As you might know, I’m a huge fan of their sales: they have a great selection of bags and shoes – I shopped all my A.P.C. bags (including the pink one in this post!) during their sales actually and since I built myself quite a collection over the past few years, I’m very excited this time as well. You can thank me later ;)

Coat – COS / Top – Black Swan / Jeans – Black Swan / Boots – Dr. Martens / Beanie – Weekday / Bag – A.P.C. via Shopbop

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