Looking at these pics makes me want to hop on the next plane to New York and spend some more time in the city that never sleeps. Reality is that work had to be done, our wonderful new house needs to be finalised and not-sleeping is apparently something that can be done from Amsterdam as well ;) Yup, the jetlag is real this time around.

Oh well, I think dreaming about your past trip every single time you close your eyes only means you had the time of your life and I wouldn’t dare to complain about that. I cherish all the great memories that we made there and love the fact that we now – finally – know what people were talking about when the were raving about New York. You love it or you hate it, but one of the things I like best about metropoles is the fact that you can walk for hours and hours and not see the same street twice. That you can basically drown in the sea of people. And this may sound very anti-social – I promis you I’m not.. or am I? ;) – but I love the fact that you probably hardly ever really bump into people you ‘know’. Like acquaintances who stick around too long while you’re trying to enjoy some quality time with your close friends who you don’t see too often because, you know, life happens. You get the point. I’m very very happy to be able to say that I spent my first time in NY with my favourite person in the entire world. I’m one hell of a lucky B*.

As you can see, we had some incredibly wonderful Spring days during our trip and the streets around our temporary home were too photogenic to not use them for a quick outfit shoot before we headed off exploring again. When I’m traveling I like to pack somewhat lightly (hey, I brought 16kg for two weeks instead of the permitted 23kg, so please say you’re proud as well ;)). Lots of basics, comfortable – wrinkle free – clothes that can be multi functional (like this jumper that could have been worn underneath my coat on very cold days, but on this very nice and warm day I decided to not wear a jacket an layer up this cosy knit instead). With plain outfits like this, to me it’s all in the details: the fishnet tights give a little bit of an edge to my slightly boring attire, and I love spicing things up with my jewellery: I usually tend to go for silver, so I wore the silver earrings I never take off and paired them with the Skull ring I also almost always wear. The perfect sight seeing outfit if you ask me. Oh, how I wish sight seeing was on my to-do list today! For now, I’m celebrating hump day and looking forward to seeing my family this (long!) Easter/Mother’s Day weekend. What are you plans? Got any special plans with your extended weekend?

Jumper – H&M Trend / Jeans – Asos / Boots – Balenciaga / Socks – Asos / Earrings – Zinzi via Brandfield (looking for a Mother’s Day gift? Make sure to check out their website! Thank me later ;)) / Bag – A.P.C. (did you know Shopbop’s awesome sale started again? 20-25% discount on pretty much everything!)

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