Amsterdam in Spring is just magical. Even though my outfit might not be the Springiest you’ve ever seen in terms of colours (or lack thereof, I’m fully aware of that!), I love the feeling of not having to wear a coat when going outside. This literally is the easiest outfit of all outfits – it’s basically just a pair of leggings and the biggest knit I own, but somehow it felt good to me.

Annnd just a bit of self promotion from my side: I opened a new Instragram channel: @debbienuchelmans. Not because I don’t like @SFFTE anymore, but because I thought it would be fun to give a little peek into my personal and not so curated life. I’ll just post bits and pieces from my everyday life – could be fashion related, could be completely non-fashion related – but I just like the fact that I’m able to drop pics without even thinking about whether they fit my ‘brand’. Would love to see you around :)

Leggings – Zara / Knit – H&M / Starry boots – Jonak via Sarenza / Sunnies – Ray Ban / Bag – Balenciaga / Cap – H&M 

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