It’s a funny thing: taste. Taste in food. Taste in interior. In people. In art. In friends. But also: in style. If you would have told me a year ago that I’d be wearing a light blue double denim ensemble, without any black (those shades are very dark red, I promise) and with blush toned shiny loafers I probably would have laughed in your face. Not me. Never will I move away from either wearing all black. Never will I wear a pair of fussy shoes like these. Yet here I am. Even though I’m fully aware of the fact that this outfit is by no means a very progressive outfit, nor does it stand out in a crowd, but somehow to me it still feels like a step forward. Or at least a step in another direction, and as you know: I’m always interested in exploring.

And exploring is exactly what I’ll be doing this Summer fashion-wise. I’m not sure if I’ll ever become the type of person that will wear the craziest things (you should have seen my when I was younger though.. I explored quite a bit ;)), but now that I’m slowly but certainly starting to feel a bit more comfortable about myself, I feel the urge to start playing around with my style a little bit simultaneously. I might add a dash of colour every now and then and move away from the neutrals a liiittle bit. I might even start wearing pieces that are a bit more figure hugging than I’m used to (wow, did I just say that? Yes, I did). I want dresses. Cute little tops. I’m starting my quest for a nice bathing suit. I might start exploring the parts of myself that have been kept hidden for many, many years, and as usual: I cannot wait.

Denim jacket & jeans – Levi’s via Kleding.nl / Loafers – Betty London via Kleding.nl / Tee – Maison Scotch / Sunglasses – Celine / Bag – A.P.C. 

This post has been created in collaboration with Kleding.nl. Needless to say, all opinions and interpretations are my own. 

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