I’ll just cut the crap: yes, that’s me with unicorn pink hair. Powered by L’Oreal Paris Colorista, rocked by my dearest friend Xaviera and me to kick off festival season in style at Amsterdam Open Air. I think we were al aware of the fact that pink hair is having a moment. Or pastel hair in general. But was I willing to give up my blonde manes for a trend that might not satisfy my hair dreams for many months to come? Nope. So when L’Oreal asked me to get festival ready with them and their washable Colorista products, I didn’t really hesitate.

Because my hair is very – véry! – light blonde naturally, I decided to give the lightest washout version a go. For the record: the product comes in different versions, so if you’d like to go for a temporary colour, opt for the sprays for a 1-day colour, or the washout for a colour that lasts up to 3 washes (depending on the intensity of the colour and the state of your hair). They come in a broad variety of colours, some suitable for blonde hair, some for darker shades, but I decided to experiment with the lightest shade of pink first.

I was pretty surprised by the fact that this product is really easy to use. I’m by no means a skilled hair dresser – or no hair dresser at all, to be quite fair: many days I even forget to brush my hair – but even I can do this. I knew from experience that my hair usually is pretty easy to dye, so I decided to apply the product on clean, dry hair, leave it in for 20 minutes and then rinsed, dried and styled it as I usually do (which is: I pretty much didn’t do anything at all), and festival-ready I was. Easy-peasy!

As for the outfit: I’m not the type of person that dresses completely different than usual on a festival. The pink hair was different enough for me and I’d rather make sure I’m comfortable in what I wear on a day like this. Nothing too special: by baggy old shorts (they SO need a replacement, I used to wear these when I was +20kg, so you can imagine they don’t look very good on me anymore.. thank God I could hide them a little bit with that oversized top ;)), loose lacey top and comfy boots are my jam on festivals. Next time I might experiment a bit more, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never be the exotic bird type and I’m totally comfortable with being overlooked in a crowd. Until I realised the pink hair probably might be a bit counteracting if that’s what I was aiming for ;)

Top – River Island / Shorts – River Island / Boots – Asos / Hair colour – L’Oreal Paris Colorista (as I said: I used the Wash Out version and applied it on dry hair).

This festival post was written in collaboration with Fashionchick and L’Oreal Paris Colorista, but – needless to say – all opinions, expressions and experiences are my very own.


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