After kicking off festival season with L’Oreal Paris Colorista a few weeks ago in quite a pink manner (find proof here) this weekend Lennart and I got ready for the next one. Up on the menu: By the Creek festival, a smaller festival near Utrecht and alongside – who would have guessed – the creek. Pretty cool setting if you ask me.

What I like to do before getting festival ready is to pump up the volume of my favourite music a little bit (sorry, neighbours!), showcase the outfit I’m going to wear (I actually even tend to take pics of my little mini exhibition, I kid you not) and last but not least: fix the hair. I like my hair to be a bit messy (and I finally found out how to make my super straight hair a bit more untidy). Because L’Oreal Paris provided me with quite a broad range of incredibly awesome hair products last time I was curious to try the spray for this occasion. Such a fun way to play with different hair colours if you don’t want to dye you hair permanently. It’s basically like make-up for your hair!

In case you missed the previous post or just to refresh your mind: last time I tried a wash out. A very easy to apply substance that lasted for 2-3 washes. This time I opted for the slightly more subtle effect of a grey spray, which came in quite handy, because I’m in doubt whether to go back to the grey hair I’ve been sporting for years or stick to a slightly more natural blonde tone and the colour of this spray I used is gone after 1 one wash (or maybe two if you use a less subtle colour, because this spray – just like the wash out – comes in many cool colours, ranging from grey and lilac to blue, green and very flashy fuchsia. Epic!). Applying the spray is as easy as it looks: I just styled my hair the way I wanted to (in this case: create some random messy waves with a straightening iron), grabbed the L’Oreal Paris Colorista spray in grey and sprayed like there was no tomorrow. At the end I took some random locks and sprayed some extra product on them to create more depth basically. Pro tip: always lock in the product by using a hair spray, otherwise the product might still stain a little bit. It’s super easy to wash out anyway (the colours was all gone after washing my hair just once, the perfect one-time-occasion-solution!), but especially when you want to try the darker colours you might not like stains on your festival outfit. So hairspray it is!

As for the outfit: I decided to wear this good old dress that has been in my closet for years already. Honestly, if H&M ever decided to bring this dress back to the collection, I’d be more than happy to buy it in every colour or pattern I could possibly think of. When it comes to footwear I always pick either ankle boots or sneakers for festival attire, I can’t imagine wearing anything else, and I like to style things off a little bit by adding a hat or cap, cool sunglasses and my usual jewellery.

Just curious: how do you get festival ready? Would you try one of the Colorista colour sprays for a day? Or would you rather try a wash out? What’s your favourite festival look? If you even used a Colorista product as well, feel free to tag me in your social post, I’m curious to see the result!

Dress – H&M Trend (very old!) / Boots – Chloe / Cap – Maison Scotch / Sunglasses – Illesteva / Bag – A.P.C. / Hair – L’Oreal Paris Colorista

This post was written in collaboration with L’Oreal Paris Colorista but, needless to say, all opinions and experiences are my own. 

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