Yes, it’s been a while since I posted on the blog. I’ve been active on social media but to be completely honest with you: I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with SFFTE. What direction I want to take with my blog, basically. As much as I liked blogging over the past 10 (!) years (I started my blogspot in September 2007, can you believe that?), I also feel like I’ve changed. Grown, as you wish. And I’m truly grateful that I have a loyal group of followers that stuck with me through many years, grateful for the new followers that decided to join me and all the people that like to drop by every now and then. But that is also exactly the reason that I feel obliged to reassess what I’ve been doing with the blog lately, and where I want to go. Because all I ever want is to bring you honest content. If that means that my outfits are not the fanciest, so be it. It occurred to me that instead of being aesthetically pleasant all the time, I’d much rather be realistically present.

In terms of content, that could still mean I’ll post an outfit every now and then, because being realistic also means that I’ll still show the things that I really like, and personal styling is definitely something I’m always drawn to. But as of late I’ve noticed I’m gravitating towards curating that closet more and more to the point that all items in my wardrobe are in there because I made the conscious decision to put them in there. Sounds like common sense, but admit it: how often did you end up buying stuff because it was on sale? How often did you feel like you needed something you didn’t even know existed five minutes before you brought it home? Not saying I’m all against consumerism now, but I decided I want to make more deliberate choices when it comes to cluttering and decluttering my personal space. So I guess while writing this, I did find out what the direction of my blog will be: a place where I can reflect on this process and hopefully a place where you can take some inspiration from. Also: please do share if you have any ideas on this matter.

In the meantime, I’ll start thinking about decluttering my wardrobe, store my Summer clothes that I probably don’t need anymore until next Summer, get rid of last year’s things that I thought I might need someday (yeah, right..), and start building my Autumn/Winter wardrobe; my favourite season when it comes to dressing. One of the things I’d really like to add to my wardrobe for this season is an oatmeal coloured chunky knit (like this one here). Shopbop is having their end of September sales as of today, which means you get a 20-25% discount on everything (few brands excluded) by adding promo code EOTS17 at check out.



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