​To those who asked and to those who were wondering why I have been a bit low key lately: I’m enjoying my life instead of proving I have one. I consciously decided to not broadcast every low or high in my life, and honestly: the best parts of my life don’t make it to social media anyway. I’ve said it before: There’s something more important than staying aesthetically consistent, and that is staying realistically present. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy sharing some of the highlights of my personal life though ;)

It’s on my snowboard that I feel most alive. Nothing low key about that. Actually, it’s quite a dramatic statement to make, but I swear it’s true. It’s the combination of the crisp mountain air, the most amazing views and the utter sense of futility. I found out I feel great comfort in the discomfort I sometimes feel when carving down the slopes a tiny bit faster than I thought I would and dare to admit that even the pain after crashing is somewhat enjoyable, as long as I know it was because I tried to go a little faster/aim a little higher/do something more difficult than I did the day before. Anyway, those who follow me on Instagram know that I’m a huge sports freak in general, but many of you probably didn’t know about my love for the snowboarding, so I’m taking this opportunity to share some snippets of my trip to Austria last week. Consider it a visual diary :)

And that awesome car? Did my trusty old Amsterdam bike get an upgrade? Unfortunately it didn’t, but Nissan kindly enough loaned me their Nissan Qashqai for the week and I couldn’t be more excited. The New Nissan Qashqai combines stunning looks with efficient aerodynamics, allowing us to enjoy city driving at its best, but with enough space to store our snowboards and luggage for four people this luxurious blue friend made our trip to the mountains a whole lot more pleasant as well.

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