I honestly can’t remember the last time I went on a shopping spree. ‘Shopping spree’. A word I used to associate with all kinds of positive feelings, now something that I can’t seem to bother too much about. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy a bit of personal styling anymore (I do!), and I’m definitely not saying I’ll never go shopping again, but the endless hunger for the next item while still having other pieces – unworn of even worse: untouched! – hanging in my closet? Nope, not happening anymore, and I feel proud as a peacock for it!

As I said, minimizing my wardrobe, looking for more meaningful ways to invest my time and money and basically simplifying the way I look at style doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with withdrawing myself from shopping/browsing as a whole. Just as minimalism doesn’t always mean having less and less. It’s about having enough. It’s about aligning short-term actions with long-term values. And one of my most important style related long-term values is that I want to make sure I get the most wear out of my items. A fun story about the bag I’m wearing in the picture above is that I bought it approximately 5 years ago. Even thought I had been on the hunt for a designer bag at that time (probably something Alexander Wang, as I used to be a huge fan of Wang bags), I didn’t even really think about ordering this one. I knew from the start it was going to be a great purchase (I mean; it has a great size, and it black and uber basic.. couldn’t possible go wrong with that!), but I never expected it to be such a great purchase I haven’t really been looking for a similar sized bag after I got this one. Now th├ít is what makes a purchase a GREAT purchase if you ask me; when you don’t feel the urge to replace it by something else anytime soon (although I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind replacing or at least adding a classic, black cross body bag right now, because I know I’ll be able to justify spending my money on a bag like that).

And the good thing? If you’re quick enough, you can get the exact same bag with discount on Shopbop’s flash sale. Enter promo code EVENT18 at checkout for a 20-25% discount.

Black Half Moon BagA.P.C.


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