‘Millenials are choosing experiences over things’ – you might have seen one out of many headlines like this lately. You might have even asked yourself ‘do I choose experiences over things’ (or, if you’re anything like me: ‘do I still qualify as ‘Millennial’?) but if you’re reading this blog and follow me here for a while or on Instagram potentially, you’re probably one of the people that is not that much into buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff anymore. Good. Neither am I.

So that’s why I’m excited to start writing about other things than – well – ‘things’ that keep my heart beating a little faster; experiences. First one up: Glamping. Something I never thought I would do, but you guessed it right: I did. Was this trip #sponsored? It certainly was. Did that make it any less fun? It certainly didn’t! When Vacanseselect reached out to me a couple of months ago I didn’t hesitate at all. I grew up camping with my parents and definitely see the beauty in spending time away from all luxury, so I’m not sure if I ever understood the concept of ‘glamping’ to begin with. And that’s exactly why I decided to join this group of people that I didn’t know to explore something I never even thought of doing before. I’ve always had an ongoing curiosity for the unknown and this – Camping Orlando in Chianti (in the heart of Tuscany!) – was no exception.

What can I say? My ‘tent’ was nothing like the tents I’ve ever slept in; I had my own little porch, a king size bed (!), a shower and last but not least: I didn’t have to trot across the whole camping towards the lavatories with a toilet roll underneath my arm: I had a toilet of my own. Speaking of luxury; this was it for me already. Glamping at its finest. What I really liked about the set up of the camp site they chose for us, was that there was such a broad variety of lodges; from quite luxurious to a bit more tent-like and everything in between. As you can see below, some of them had a bath in the middle of the room, in a way you’d only expect to see in a very luxurious hotel room, others had a super cool treehouse vibe to them.

The area we stayed in is well known for its endless fields and Chianti Classico wines of course. Now, if you’ve been following me for a bit longer, you might know I don’t drink alcohol, so instead of drinking wine on Sting’s property (I kid you not), my highlight of this trip totally was the Vespa tour we made. This trip became a trip of many firsts, because I had never even ridden a scooter in my life (except on the back, with someone else driving ;)), but scooting around such an amazing area, with the best weather, surrounded by endless fields and sloping hills I couldn’t be happier I got to experience this trip. The perfect mix of exploring, learning new things and tot freedom. And I can tell you: the latter isn’t something you experience very often on a press trip, let’s face it.

So the verdict: am I going to go glamping for more often? I might! Even though I’m more of a city-gal – I just LOVE the energy a city gives me – I’m starting to appreciate some quiteness more and more. The Italian countryside is absolutely to die for. And have I mentioned the food? THE. BEST. I think I ate my body weight in the most delicious food that week (truffle pasta anyone?) and didn’t regret one single bite of it (why people would regret eating anything nice is a surprise to me anyway). The camping was very family friendly, with swimming pools and entertainment for kids for instance, but I could totally see myself book a few days with Lennart to enjoy all the good stuff Italy has to offer.

So if you are interesting in booking, now is the time to do it (before everyone else got their holiday pays, thank me later).











This post was written as a collaboration with Vacanseselect and Camping Orlando, Florence. Needless to say, all expressions and views are my own. 


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