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The BF, love this picture


Ph. me [click for larger image] Taking pictures of almost everything I do is almost getting an obsession, and since I got my iphone, this is exactly what is going on: I’m literally obsessed with taking pictures of everything I do. For those who are already following me on Twitter, you might have seen these […]

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[Click for larger images] January kicked in this year very quickly. After celebrating Christmas without the glitters and glamour but in the mountains and on a snowboard and a NYE with friends, I had to get back to reality! Which means: back to business. Some cool blogrelated projects occured and the rest of my time […]

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Ph. me/iphone (click for larger images!) And it’s time for another diarypost! Since I’ve been using my iphone I defenitely take more pictures than I used to do. Just to capture little moments in my life. Here’s the result (looks like me life evolves around shoes, food and studying these days.. oh well, it does). […]

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Ph. me (click for larger image!) Since I got an iPhone, which takes incredibly nice pictures if you ask me, I think I might as well give you some insights in my life and what keeps me busy during the days (and nights..). Hope you like the result. What are you staring at?? 1. My […]

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I’m not going to lie: as much as I’m into fashion, I’m completely clueless regarding make-up and beauty. Ofcourse, I do wash my hair and never leave the house without a dab of mascara here and there. Even my eye-liner became a part of my daily make-up routine but that’s all! That’s why I was […]

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Yay! My first diary-kinda-post ever! From now on I’d like to show you some things that I’ve been up to by doing diaryposts on a regular basis. 1 & 2. The first two pictures I shot with the new lense I got from my sweet boyfriend (it’s amazing!). 3. I attended the Fashionchick-party at Panama […]

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