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Because we’re all back to normal lives, working lives that is, and we will never get bored of peeking into other people’s homes, I hereby selected some wonderful workspaces for you to drool over. I’m lucky to be working from an amazing office on one of the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, but I have to admit that my workspace at home might need some redecoration.. Thinking: lots of light, white, large desk, lots of shelves.. Tell me you faves, I’m curious!


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The end of the year is vast approaching and before we’re going to be popping some bottles (whoops, I need to start thinking about that to wear tonight..) I still wanted take this opportunity to look back on my favourites this year. Best purchases, great moments. And I massively failed. Why? Because I can’t even put in words how many amazing people I’ve met, how many great opportunities I had, and how many awesome moments I experiences in the passed 12 months (can you believe how fast this year – again – went by?). I want to thank you guys for making this possible. For your sweet comments, emails and messages. For being there, visibly or more pulled back. I know I couldn’t have experienced what I have been experiencing that last couple of years if it wasn’t for you, so I can’t say this enough: thank you, thank you, thank you. For now I’m going to leave you guys with an enormous incoherent overview of my tangible favourites and some personal reveries. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I loved creating it.





Let’s start this post by rounding up three of my favourite outfits. Because they are the most special and extravagant outfits you’ve ever seen? No. Certainly not. My favourite outfits are the ones I feel the most comfortable in. The most ‘me’. And to me, personal style is a way of showing who you are, not a way to hide who you are not. Or worse: to show who you are not. Click on the images above to take a closer look at the actual posts.




This is an interesting one: my favourite sneakers. Interesting, because 1. my sneaker collection is huge and ever growing. 2. You might think my ultimate faves probably are the newest or the most exclusive ones, but in this case I selected my faves according to which pair was on the heaviest rotation this year.. and I couldn’t come up with anything else than the ultimate classics of ultimate classics: my Air Forces. Picking one of them would be cruel, so that’s why I chose to feature them both. Because, well.. you haven’t seen them enough yey, right? ;)



My favourite hat. An easy one: the grey one that hasn’t left my head from the moment I got it. I’ve been looking for the perfect fedora hat in both black and grey for quite some time now. I found an hmm-okay version on a local Parisian market somewhere, but the search for the perfect black one is an ongoing one. Then I found the perfect one at Whistles, but the pricetag made me wanna a sleep a night or two over it. Luckily, I managed to find this awesome grey piece at Monki. Two sizes too big, but I had to have it anyway. I love how it matches with my white/greyish hair and almost my entire wardrobe.



My favourite watch. I recently got this Triwa watch from their Sort of Black collection. It’s perfect. Slightly chunky, without being too masculine. Definitely all I wish for and the quality is amazing. Do you remember Triwa started doing these plastic watches several years ago? Thank God they went for another approach. Click on the image to get yours.



It certainly wasn’t easy to decide what my favourite knit is. As much a I love my Hope Grand sweater (at this moment I own three of them..), I went for this large grey one instead. Why? Because it actually fits underneath a coat, where my Hope versions don’t. Or make me look like a stuffed sausage. In a coat, that is. Anyway: I found this grey love during a press presentation River Island did somewhere in summer I guess? And I’ve been lurking for it ever since. I was so happy I found it at our local River Island store for a very reasonable price, score! It’s so warm, so comfy, so.. grey. Love it.




Not surprising: my favourite jacket – because usually I alway wear loooong coats – are these amazing large bomberjackets. I’ve been eyeing on the Carin Wester version for too long, so I took my chance with this white version and certainly did not regret that decision. Besides the white one, I’m very glad I received this longlined black bomberjacket by Dutch label Officially it’s one out of the menswear collection, but I don’t really mind. Might be even better, because of its lenght.




My favourite bags – When it comes to bags, I’m quite picky. Especially when I decide I want a new every day bag, it has to meet up with a lot of criteria. For instance: it has to be large enough to stuff my Macbook in there, but it doens’t have to look like I’m going on a thee week trip. It has to have a neutral colour, preferrably black, with not to distinct hardware. It has to be made out of perfect leather, the type of leather you will recognize as being perfect as soon as you touch it. I can go on and on about the perfect everyday-but-suitable-for-work-bag, but I already found it. I went for 3.1 Phillip Lim’s Ryder Hold All. Great. Besides finding an awesome everyday-companion, I’m more than thrilled about the other bag-purchase I did this year. It’s too small to even fit my wallet in there, but it certainly spices up my usually quite basic outfits.




Only material favourites? Nope. My absolute highlights were the trips I made. I had the chance to discover my home-away-from-home Copenhagen and meet new people multiple times and every time I have to leave that city, I convince myself that one day.. maybe one day.. #dream I can go on and on about the other trips I did, which were all totally amazing as well, but this one still remains very special to me. I can still remember receiving some emails regarding the first sentences I wrote in that article. If I was doing alright, whether I was being sad. Gosh no, just thankful and overwhelmed by the feeling of coming home to a place that wasn’t my actual home. Let’s call it slightly melancholic ;) Click on the images above to check out the entire recap of that particular trip.




My favourite shoes-that-are-no-sneakers. Because you might know by now: I’m a sneakerhead. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the beauty of a good pair of ankle boots. I have to say I’ve grown quite the collection through the years and can’t really decide which ones are my actual faves. That’s why I went for my Docs (my ultimate go-to winterboots, but I tend to stretch the concept of ‘winter’ to the max and wear these boots on every occasoin below 25 degrees. I kid you not. For a more elegant option, I know I can always rely on Acne. I’ve done so my adding their Pistol boots to the collection approximately 6-7 years ago (!) and still did not regretting expanding the family with these black Acne Track beauties.



My favourite dress. Because it’s quite unusual to see me wearing a dress that I actually feel comfortable in and that doesn’t resemble a large t-shirt, I wanted to grab this opportunity to showcase my favourite dress. It’s feminine, it’s flowy, it’s black and white and mathes with almost all my sneakers and boots, which kinda of sealed the deal for me. Want to take a closer look at this ensemble? Click on the image above.



My favourite leather jacket. Do I need to explain myself here? Although I still wouldn’t mind adding this one too.



My favourite summer look. I’ve been experimenting with wearing more dresses this summer and I have to admit that I have never felt more comfortable about wearing dresses than I did this summer. I went for easy and flowy options, but tried to step aside the usual tshirt dresses for once. I still love them, don’t get me wrong, but I tried some other types too. Like this happy and polkadotted one I found at Monki. Paired with those white kicks that are real no-brainers when it comes to getting dressed. If I don’t know what shoes to pick, I always end up wearing either my Acne Pistol boots or these. I guess this look is a favourite because I can still remember how I felt that day. Truly at peace. I was visiting my parents at their holiday abode on a hot summer day in a place I practically grey up in and the fun thing is: there’s actually nothing more than forests, heathlands and quietness. It’s a place where the internet is barely working and all that’s left was the company of my family. And sometimes, that’s really all you can wish for. Again, click on the image for the full post.



Favourite sunnies. I LOVE SUNGLASSES. I wear them all through the year, not only in summer. Not because I’m that much of a diva, I just like to protect my eyes and prevent myself from getting a headache. I love my basics, so usually I end up getting Ray Bans. Luckily, my boyfriend and I are sharing the same taste when it comes to sunglasses, so he often benefits from my urges. The ones I’m wearing right here are the ones I’ve been wearing the most last year. Uliminium Ray Ban Clubmasters. They’re too good to be true, but thank God I found them. Want them too? They’re on sale now!



As a denim-junkie, how could I possible forget about showing my best denim-buy from 2014? Well, I just don’t. I recently found out that Rag & Bone jeans are a great fit for my long legs and overall body type. I splurged on their black skinnies (best ever!) and took a chance by ordering this ripped boyfriend version. I’m very picky when it comes to selecting my ripped jeans or boyfriend jeans, so ripped boyfriend jeans turned out to be challenging (I usually end up ripping them myself, willingly or not, for that matter). These certainly are the best, softest, coolest pair I’ve ever owned, so you can imagine I’ve been wearing it a lot already and I won’t stop doing so. Worth the investmest, I assure you.


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Hi there! Enjoying your Sundays? Well I am. Spending the weekend up north with my parents, the weekend – again – went by so fast. I still feel like I could use lots of sleep (after not getting too many of it the past few weeks..), lots of hot chocolate and a huge blanket. Oh, and the outfits above, ain’t too much to ask, right?


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What do the outfits above have in common? I’d say they all have the irresistible clean cuts I refuse to get bored of. The perfect shape of a coat or pair of trousers does it for me, and it looks like I’m not the only one. The women above are all rocking their outfits to the max. Do you have a fave?


More looks like this on my Pinterest. Do you think your page might be interesting for me too? Spam your Pinterest in the comment section below. 


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