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OUTFIT: Lady in Red

Today I paid a visit to my sweet friend Shirley to catch up a little and take some pictures of our outfits.. Today I was wearing my new blazer. Usually, I’m not that much a fan of the colour red, but in my opinion this version is quite awesome! Paired with shorts and a loose […]

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OUTFIT: Right before sunset

Even though I’m searching for a house in Amsterdam as long as I can imagine.. I really like some parts of the city I’m living in right now: Utrecht. Especially the older parts of the city are quite enchanting. So today my personal photographer a.k.a. my boyfriend and I shot some outfitpics next to on […]

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OUTFIT: Witnessing The Wild Breeze

Yesterday’s outfit! Due to the weather (why do Dutch people, including myself, always seem to talk about the weather? I every single context, every single day!) we had to take some quick outfitshots in the alley alongside my house. Blazer – Vintage Striped shirt – H&M Divided Black pants with leather kneepads – H&M Divided […]

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Pressdays: Fashion Club 70

Not the best picture ever, but it was made afterwards at night.. but just to make an impression ;) Joyce, me, Robine, Natasha and Jony. Fashion Club 70 was founded in the seventies and now represents a large amount of different fashionbrands, like 7 for all Mankind, Blumarine, Roberto Cavalli, Day, Guess, Matthew Williamson, Michael […]

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Random Shots

Some random shots, taken last week by Natasha, outside the Just 2D for Bagsac launch. Taking some pictures of my new leopard-printed loafers, ended up in some goofy shots of my feet while acting like a mentally disturbed person. After that we caught up with the lovely Roos (1st picture) and had a drink at a […]

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