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OUTFIT: Released Control

Wintertime winds blow cold this season! Good thing about it: you don’t have to put that much effort in fixing your hair, since you just have to put a big knitted beanie on top of your head, right? ;) Today I’m wearing a black-and-white-outfit, the two ‘colours’ that never bore me and never go out […]

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OUTFIT: Confusion

My confusion about what to wear really shows whenever winter is coming so close. Did is say coming close? In fact, in Holland winter is really setting in! It’s freezing! So here the results of a attempt te make some proper outfitshots. Didn’t turn out that well, but hey.. at least I have something to […]

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OUTFIT: Lady in Red

Today I paid a visit to my sweet friend Shirley to catch up a little and take some pictures of our outfits.. Today I was wearing my new blazer. Usually, I’m not that much a fan of the colour red, but in my opinion this version is quite awesome! Paired with shorts and a loose […]

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OUTFIT: Right before sunset

Even though I’m searching for a house in Amsterdam as long as I can imagine.. I really like some parts of the city I’m living in right now: Utrecht. Especially the older parts of the city are quite enchanting. So today my personal photographer a.k.a. my boyfriend and I shot some outfitpics next to on […]

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OUTFIT: Witnessing The Wild Breeze

Yesterday’s outfit! Due to the weather (why do Dutch people, including myself, always seem to talk about the weather? I every single context, every single day!) we had to take some quick outfitshots in the alley alongside my house. Blazer – Vintage Striped shirt – H&M Divided Black pants with leather kneepads – H&M Divided […]

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