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Ph. Lennart Groot

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE the city. At a very young age already I decided I wasn’t planning on staying on the country side very long, so at the quite young age of barely 17 years old I moved to Utrecht. Amsterdam followed. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy leaving the city every now and then, and what better way to do so then on an island. Our island, as we like to think of it.

One of the things we like to do when we’re visiting Texel, besides chilling at the local beach pavillion, is just driving around the island, have the occasional pit stop to drink a coffee or lemonade (or two..) and enjoy what the island has to offer. Among our faves: this cute little harbour. Now tell me, what’s your favourite spot in the world? Do you prefer cities over quietness? Or the other way round?

Dress – H&M Trend (seriously, I should have stocked up on this one..) / Boots – Palladium / Hat – Monki / Bag – A.P.C. 


Ph. me

I have this love-hate relationship with sale shopping. Can’t really say I loooove it (think: messy stores, stained fabrics, crowded shopping streets, you know what I’m talking about), but I can’t say I hate it either. I mean: discount, anyone? I kind of made it my specialty – humble brag, but really, ask my friends :’) – to find the coolest hidden gems at the end of the sale season and these boots turned out to be among them. I’ve not-so-secretly been eyeing on the Chloé Susanna boots for years and years now, but somehow – probably the fact that they were overly hyped and copied by every single highstreet store on the planet – I never decided to bring them home.

Then I layed my eyes on Anine Bing’s Charlie boots. Same feel, less copied. I also heared the quality of these boots is awesome and they’re really comfortable, and as you know: I’m a sucker for comfort, so these boots seemed to be the right subsitute for the Chloé’s.. until I found these. Sleek pointy toe, textured leather and a bit more subtle use of studs compared to the boots mentioned above. I have the feeling the boots may take some time to break in since they’re pretty narrow around the fore foot, but I guess we’re going to be the best of friends after that.

What do you think?

Studded boots – Chloé


There’s a lot of things in life that make me happy. I already wrote an article about a lot of reasons that put a smile on my face, but without trying to be all sentimental about this: I honestly enjoy your enthusiasm, the support and the engagement on my blog and social channels so much, it can literally make me entire day.

So let me explain where this is going. A little while ago I did this collab with Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE. I don’t mind doing abvious sponsored collabs as long as we’re talking about products I truly and honestly like. This was one of them. Emmi gave a lucky few of my readers the chance to join me in my enthusiasm as well, and by subscribing to the Six Feet From The Edge Insiders Program, they were given a shot at receiving the same box of ice cold caffe latte’s as I did. Sharing is caring, am I right? The response was overwhelming, and I love the fact that with this opportunity I got to spread some coffee love for those who have been following me for quite some time now. For instance, Marlon kickstarted her week and shared an iced coffee with her brother, Roisin thought the Espresso version was the perfect refreshment on the go in Amsterdam, Vivianne took hers with her to the park, Denise even had trouble deciding which one to try first, while Tessa obviously enjoyed her macchiato in bed. All girls who spread the love with me ;) So why not give these amazing girls some shout outs? So Marlon, Roisin, Tessa, Denise and Vivianne, you girls rock!

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Ph. Shirley 

Annnd we’re back to sweater-and-boots weather again! Not that I really mind wearing all black again, and I’ve never regretted wearing chunky boots – not even when Summer’s in full swing – but hey.. At the end of July it would have been nice to be able to get out of the house without bringing an umbrella. Oh well, enjoy your days! :)

Coat – Monki / Ripped jeans – H&M / Boots – Dr. Martens