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Nothing beats a pair of fresh, white kicks. At least, almost nothing, because how cool are these fringes, that can be applied to any shoe that has laces and completely transforms the shoe into a way cooler version of it? Looking at the positive response I got on Instagram on these Pinned by K fringes, you guys loved them as much as I do. That’s why we decided to team up and give away one pair of these fresh fringes – available in multiple colours – to one of my followers. All you have to do is to regram this image and tag both @SFFTE and @Pinned_by_k in the picture. Read all about it here. I’ll contact the winner tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed ;)


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Ph. Lennart Groot


Nothing beats a pair of wide legged trousers when the temperatures are rising. I’m one of those people who gets told all the time that wearing black in summer is foolish, but hey.. black is my happy colour. To be completely honest: I’m just not fully prepared for the hot weather just yet, wardrobe-wise, so that’s why I dove into the back of my closet and started my hunt for forgotten items that deserved a come back. What to think of this flowy coat? Can’t believe I forgot about and immediately threw it on this black and white ensemble. Make me wonder: how often do we forget about items that once belonged to our faves? Happens to me a lot. Too much, actually, so I’m planning on arranging my closet again soon, and I’m curious what I’ll rediscover ;)


Coat – Zara (old) / Top – Monki / Trousers – Monki / Sneakers – Native / Purse – Rabeanco



Ph. Lennart Groot

If you’re following @SFFTE on Instagram or Snapchat, you might have noticed I went to the hairdresser’s twice this week.. Am I that high maintenance? No, certainly not. But here’s the thing: after being a platinum grey-ish blonde for years I thought it was about time for something else. Something completely different? Not really, but I thought it was a great idee to sort of go back to an enhanced version of my natural colour: blonde. Very Dutchy blonde. Oh boy, was I wrong..


By the time I got home, and my boyfriend assured me he liked my new do, I kind of already made up my mind: I’m just not that into those natural blonde shades on me: all white is so much more me! So that’s what the hair fairies at Vollebergh Kappers made happen: back to white, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Enjoy your days! :)


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Ph. Paulien

Summer sandals! To be honest, I’m very picky when it comes to sandals. I’m just not that into elegant, cute little sandals (that’s why I was very happy with last year’s Birkenstock revival, and I’ll continue wearing them this year as well I guess.. or look for substitutes), but these black and white ones where just too cool for school. Love the sneaker-like sole and the white dots on the black leather. A true black look upgrader and cute with for instance a nice pair of boyfriend jeans or a tshirt dress as well. These shots were taken in Paris during my trip with What For and it makes me long for another city trip even more. High on the wishlist:


– Copenhagen (again, yes, I know..)

– New York (never been there, but the urge is getting stronger and stronger)

– Barcelona (same story, and I could use some sun..)


Now that I come to think of it, my boyfriend and I still need to sort out what our summer holidays are going to look like. We’ll be having two weeks off at the end of September, but we’re still contemplating where to go. Any tips? They’re more than welcome ;)


Duster coat – COS / Culottes – Asos / Shoes – What For / Bag – A.P.C.