Ph. me. 

Got new kicks! White kicks are always a good idea. Unless it’s raining and your new kicks are made out of white mesh material. Ah well, I just displayed them as small pieces of art (just like I always do when I’ve got new shoes.. nerd, much?) I doubted the sizing of these Nike Air Presto’s a little bit too long, since they were all gone by the time I decided I needed the xxxs (yes, these come in different sizes). Nice to be able to say that for once in my life ;)

Sneakers – Nike Air Presto


OUTFIT: 310815

Ph. Lennart Groot

What started as a seemingly great idea (‘You should wear your heels more often!’ they said. ‘It would be fun..’) turned out to be not the greatest idea of all time when on an island. Read: cobble stones. Cobble stones and heels are my no means best friends, and that’s what I experienced once again when I was wearing these black lace-up beauties. But hey, at least they were pretty, and that was all that matters at that moment anyway. That, and spending time with my love. Cheesy? Yup.

Shirt – Monki / Culottes – Asos / Heels – Fashionchick / Purse – A.P.C. 

OUTFIT: 240815

Ph. Sanne

Whoops! Completely forgot to show you guys this outfit from a little while ago, wearing the coolest boots I own, but somehow don’t really fit the way they’re supposed to (as in: I probably should have gone one size up. When I tried them on in store, they felt perfectly fine and every time I put them on, they still do. But after walking in them a few hours, they start to hurt as hell. I’ve got the Jensen boots in suede as well, but one size bigger.. they’re the best, aargh!). I really hope a good cobbler can fix this problem, does anyone have had any experience with stretching leather boots? Would love to hear about that!

Jacket – Weekday / Culottes – ASOS / Boots – Acne / Glittery sock – Monki 

OUTFIT: 170815

Ph. Lennart Groot

I guess I’ve been wearing more dresses this year than I have done in my entire life. I rekindled my love for tshirtdresses last year, but I’m not afraid of wearing this all black – but very flowy – number either. I feels like wearing a huge tshirt, but looks slightly feminine. As you know, I like to dress things down a bit, so I added these brogues with white, sporty soles and my mesh leather bag. Good to go. Hope you all had a nice weekend – I sure did: we had a bachelorette party, needless to say more  – and are ready to kickstart this new week. Make it a good one :)

Dress – Monki / Shoes – Invito / Bag – Alexander Wang / Watch – Rosefield