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Ph. me

We can’t deny it any longer: fall has begun and it’s in full swing. Love being able to crawl up in the largest knits I have with a blanket and cup of hot choco, but can’t stand the rain and wind when I have to get outside. Talking about going outside: yesterday I had my weekly running training (incl my new and totally awesome reflective running tights, go get them here) and after a few kilometers it started raining, hailstones followed (I kid you not: hailstones as large as sugar cubes on your head aren’t the best feeling in the world) and heavy thunder stormes forced us to end our training. A pity, but at least we logged another 5k in these miserable circumstances.


About the rest of my week: I went to the hairdresser’s, attended the coolest brand launch in ages (on the 18th floor, well done,!), rocked my pretty new Hope boots, rekindled my love for gardening with this Nike Air Max 1 tree at work (kidding, no green fingers here) and wore this denim jacket while I still could.

How has your week been so far? Don’t forget to follow @sffte on Instagram ;)

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OUTFIT: 201014

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Ph. Lennart Groot
Yup, short(er) hair, don’t care. Fun thing is that everytime I think I want to let my hair grow back to a longer length.. It just doesn’t feel like ‘me’ as soon as it’s actually at a certain lenght. So this weekend the hair miracle workers at Volleberghkappers worked their Tigi-magic again and provided me with this perfectly cut bob. I literally don’t have to do anything about it, just a quick brush and I am good to go. Perfect.
Back to the outfit: wearing a very old coat, paired with this perfect new hat and awesome pair of leather booties. A fall fave. Can you blame me?
Coat – H&M Trend (very old, looking for a perfect camel substitute, maybe this one?) / Tee – H&M / Jeans – Citizens of Humanity / Boots – Hope / Bag – Proenza Schouler PS11

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Src. Pinterest.

Do you disagree?


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OUTFIT: 171014

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Ph. Shirley

Shooting in the rain during an already bad hair day: not my fave. Thank God I’m going to do something about the hair tomorrow (help me out!), but since the weather is something I haven’t been able to control yet, even if I tried very hard, why not make the best out of it and shoot some rainy pics anyway. About the outfit: an old dress that I have been wearing for years now (as a top, or as an actual dress) and has a cost per wear of approximately 2 cents now, a denim jacket that shows his appearance occasionally and my current favourite Docs. Combined with the leather backpack I felt like a true schoolgirl, and no: I didn’t dislike that.


TGIF! Cheers to the weekend already! What are your plans?


Denim jacket – New Look / Dress – COS / Boots – Dr. Martens / Leather backpack - No idea. 


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